Bathmate Hydromax Reviews – Does Bathmate Hydromax Work?

Bathmate Hydromax pumps have fully changed many men’s lives because this series of hydro pumps deliver a promising result in increasing length & girth of penis. Bathmate Hydromax is one of the best penis pump in the market having over one million satisfied customer around the globe.  These pumps provide 35% more power than the basic Bathmate hydro pumps & also provide maximum customer satisfaction. This series of hydro pumps are also formerly named as Hydromax X-series.

Hydromax series pumps are one of the top selling products online as these pumps have received excessive recognition from the users. This discussion will provide complete Bathmate Hydromax reviews on its features, benefits, uses & pricing etc.

How does Bathmate Hydromax work?

Bathmate Hydromax pumps do not need any extensive or complicated setup. It is simple and you can use it easily from the comfort of your home. Hydromax pumps use water to create a vacuum around the penis with the use of water. The force created is more uniform around the penis and creating a vacuum around it. The pumps then draw in blood to the penis tissues.

This action allows a force on the blood opening, causing tiny extensions. However, there is no need to fret because, during the healing process, the penis grows to cover the gaps quickly, giving the user an increase in the penis size. By maintaining the vacuum pressure, you can provide a complete workout for the penis regularly by improving erection quality, size gain & overall sex life.

Types of penis pumps Bathmate provide

Bathmate provides its user with three types of hydro penis pump. Bathmate Hydro is the basic and designed for the beginners. Whereas Bathmate HydroMax is for intermediate level of users and provide more powerful than the basic one. HydroXtreme is the most advance type of hydro pump from Bathmate and target to provide maximum result & comfort to the users. As per the article title goes, we shall review the Bathmate Hydromax series of pumps here.

Bathmate Hydromax sizing

Bathmate hydromax sizing guideThe HydroMax series comes in various sizes, crafted for users with different penis sizes. Choosing the right size of hydro pump is very much important before buying a Hydromax pump. To choose the correct size, go through the sizing guide available on Bathmate official website.

They have the penis measurement guide to measure the correct penis size. Then head over to penis size calculator to get the recommended size of penis pump.

Bathmate has introduced (5) five types of Hydromax series pumps in the market, known as Hydromax3, Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax7 wide boy & Hydromax9. These pumps are available in three colors such as red, blue & clear (transparent). Let’s discuss regarding the individual models in brief.

Bathmate HydroMax3 penis pump

Bathmate Hydromax3 redThis penis pump is the smallest size pump from Bathmate. This is most appropriate for persons having a penis size ranging from 1inch to 3 inches at erection. Bathmate Hydromax3 is the first penis pump that caters for those are having smaller penis.

It is the most preferred penis pump for a user with a below-average penis. Users wishing to enhance or increase their length & girth can always take a try with HydroMax3.

Bathmate HydroMax5 (Previously known as Hydromax x20)

Bathmate Hydromax5-Bathmate Hydromax x20This pump is ideal for people having penis size 3-5 inches. The product works well in creating solid gains and amplifying the size. HydroMax5 gives a good per cent satisfaction and also produces fast and lasting results. It was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x20.

Bathmate HydroMax7 (Previously known as Hydromax x30)


Hydromax7-Bathmate Hydromax x30Bathmate Hydromax7 is the most popular penis pump in the market as this particular pump is suitable for most users who are in the range of 5-7 inches. This is an upgraded version of the Bathmate Hercules. It is one of the supreme pumps guiding its user to reach their maximum length. HydroMax7 comes with unique but comfortable and easy to wear support that minimizes pressure and increases user satisfaction. This model was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x30.

HydroMax7 wide boy

HydroMax 7 wide boy is a variation version of Hydromax7 which is meant for users having a penis of thicker size. If you got penis having a girth of 6.5” or more (circumference at the time erection) then this version is suitable for you. This is exclusively designed for men with wider penis sizes and also helps them add more inches to their length. This model was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x30. This model was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x30 wide boy.

Bathmate HydroMax9 (Previously known as Hydromax x40)

Bathmate Hydromax9 - Hydromax x40Bathmate HydroMax 9 pumps are for men having bigger penis size than average users. This is hydro pump is most suitable for users with 7 to 9 inches long penis. This model was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x40. Hydromax9 is the perfect penis pump for men trying to enlarge their manhood to an extraordinary size. The product assures more power and lasting effects than others.

Bathmate Hydromax pump price

The price varies according to the different models and types of pumps. The prices of the Hydromax series of pumps are as follows.

Hydromax3    – $129

Hydromax5    – $139

Hydromax7    – $159

Hydromax7 wide boy – $179

Hydromax9 – $199

Where to buy Hydromax penis pump

Popular items are always a target of counterfeit and also replica rivals. Bathmate is also of no exception. It is regularly seen that Bathmate products are being sold via third party websites that claim to be official Bathmate devices.

But if you really interested to purchase original Bathmate Hydromax penis pump, then always purchase from their official website. You can get guarantee by registering the serial no. of the product on their official website only.

Worldwide shipping

After placing the order Bathmate Hydromax pumps are shipped from their nearest warehouses which are located in different parts of the globe. The products are processed on the same day in discreet packaging. It usually takes 2-3 days to reach your destination through professional carriers.

60 days money back guarantee

Bathmate products usually show amazing results within one month of regular use. All Bathmate Hydromax pumps comes with 60-days guarantee. Hence you have enough time to see result before you ask for a full refund.

What customer says about Bathmate Hydromax pumps

Here are some of the real user’s reviews as follows.

Never used a water based pump before – the difference I can tell, is the seal is super solid. With air pumps I found I had to re-pump every minute or so because of lost pressure but not with the Hydromax. Once you create that pressure it stays put. Very happy with the results.

Chris S. from MD, USA

It’s for real
It does what it says. I am still learning and experimenting but I can honestly say that it works!

Joshaun B. from CA, USA

Game changer
The best to date penis pump that I have used. Wishing I would of bought one years ago user friendly and product living up to its reputation. Thanks Bathmate!

Jose N. from CA, USA

The Hydromax7 that I purchased was THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. In a matter of a week I noticed improvement to my erections and state of mind. It has given me a new sense of vitality and confidence. I was able to actually perform in bed for the first time THIS year! I know a lot of it is anxiety and stress but this product is a game changer for this 60-year old guy.

David M. from VA, USA

Bathmate Hydromax result

Bathmate Hydromax result

Bathmate is conducting surveys from time to time to see the results that user get after regular use of Bathmate Hydromax. Some of the survey results are as follows.

Over half of the Hydromax users report size gains.

Satisfaction Survey conducted from 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.

Over 70% of the Hydromax users report better erections.

Satisfaction Survey conducted from 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.

Most of the Hydromax users report improved sex lives.

Satisfaction Survey conducted from 27.01.20 to 03.02.20 and April 2020 Survey

Most of the Hydromax users report better sex lives.

April 2020 Survey

Most of the Hydromax users report stronger erections.

March 2020 Survey

Bathmate Hydromax benefits

As you have noticed above Hydromax penis pumps help the users in terms of size gains, better erections & improved sex lives. The pumps help you to achieve improved penis size and erection without any medicine or any expensive surgery.

Apart from this there are many claims made by medical professionals about Bathmate pumps. Some of the medical claims are as follows.

Erectile Function is improved by using a pump in cases of injury

The source for this medical claim can be found here.

Increased arterial flow from pump use restores penile oxygenation

The source for this medical claim can be found here.

Negative pressure (created by vacuum pumps) is likely to increase the amount of oxygenated (arterial) blood in the penis

The source for this medical claim can be found here.

Pumps ‘increase blood inflow directly into the penis’

The source of this medical claim can be found here.

Bathmate Hydromax before and after

Though the result one get varies from person to person, here are some common outcomes after using regularly for 2 months.

Users who are consistently using the pump seriously for around 12 to 18 months can expect again up to 1 to 1.5 inches. Rest assured, a great difference can be observed before and after the use of the pump. It takes few months to see it, but the girth and length changes take place. You tend to start noticing after few weeks.

Hydromax side effects

HydroMax pumps are very safe to use and provide its user with promising results. The pump reduces the chances of men having erectile dysfunction in future. HydroMax helps in the growth of the penis but also help the sex organ to remain healthy. A medicine may cause some serious side effects but the pump has zero side effects. It is a great way to enhance the overall penis health at any age.

How to use Bathmate Hydromax effectively

How to use Bathmate Hydromax pumpTo learn how to use Bathmate Hydromax pump, always refer to the user manual available with the product. Still to get an prior idea, the correct Hydromax pump uses is as follows.

Use the pump flaccid for up to 15 minutes a day broken down as follows – pump for 2-3 minutes followed by 2 minute massage. This can be repeated a further 2 times (15 minutes total in any 24 hour period).

Bathmate HydroMax accessories

HydroMax provides its customers Along with a powerful range of Bathmate Pumps, accessories to maintain healthy growth. Bathmate Accessories includes serums, vibrators and lubes for better and long-lasting sexual satisfaction. Bathmate provides cleaners for the pumps for an effective cleaning routine. Moreover, HydroMax offers its users Bathmate spare parts, other stocked accessories such as measuring gauges and a replacement valve pack and even a capsule case for the pump to avoid getting the device damaged.

HydroMax vs Hercules

HydroMax is an updated version of the Bathmate Hercules. It is enhanced by more powerful and comfortable features. HydroMax is 35 per cent stronger than Bathmate Hercules. HydroMax enables its customers to achieve suction with minimum effort. The wide feature allows gaining girth expansion. The valves of the pump are redesigned to ensure safety and convenience for those using.

Moreover, HydroMax consists of a release valve that helps the users check the suction pressure. This allows the pump to release excess pressure to maintain the appropriate level, unlike Bathmate Hercules. It didn’t provide any of these features the replacement.

Bathmate Hydromax vs Hydroxtreme

HydroXtreme is more powerful in strength and size. It is, however, pricey than Hydromax. HydroXtreme series of pumps were previously known as Hydromax Xtreme series. These series of hydro pumps comes in six(6) models which are made for different types of penis size.

The product has a removable hand pump, unlike Hydromax. Also, HydroXtreme is more comfortable using its advanced features and maximum potential of increasing the user’s penis length. If you’re up for a maximum amount of satisfaction, HydroXtreme can be your ultimate guide.

Bathmate Hydro vs Hydromax

Bathmate Hydro is the original water penis pump. It is the most basic and affordable model. Hydromax is the new series of hydro pumps which are improved version of Bathmate Hydro pumps. It features a new valve that produces up to 35% more effectiveness. The price is a bit higher than the HydroMax, but it is much better.

Final words

Before winding up Bathmate Hydromax review, we highly recommend Bathmate Hydromax penis pump as the best hydro pump in the market. Looking at the efficiency & effectiveness these penis pumps really provides good value for money. To choose what caters for your need, you must first decide the options wisely to maximize your size and satisfaction.


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