Bathmate Hydroxtreme Series Review- Is This Pump Worth It?

Bathmate Hydroxtreme series of penis pump is one of the world’s most powerful hydro pumps available in the market. The Hydroxtreme series of pumps are premium type of pumps which have been designed to provide maximum power & ultimate result.

Hydroxtreme pumps come with an easy to use hand ball to use these pumps easily. Hydroxtreme series of pumps are previously known as Hydromax extreme series. Here we shall review about the type of Bathmate Hydroxtreme pumps, where to buy these pumps online & other necessary details.

Hydroxtreme pumps sizes

Hydroxtreme pumps come in six sizes to fulfill the requirement of users of different penis size. It should be noted that always measure the penis size at the time of erection only. Please refer the size guide available on the official Bathmate website. These pump models range from the smallest Hydroxtreme3 to the biggest Hydroxtreme11. We shall discuss more on all models as follows.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme3

Bathmate Hydroxtreme3 is the smallest size of pump available from the house of Bathmate.  This fulfills the requirement of users having small size of penis up to 3”. It is believed to be the smallest pump in the market. Tre price of Hydroxtreme3 is $209 & worldwide free shipping in discreet packaging.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme5

Bathmate Hydroxtreme5 is meant for people having 3”-5” size of penis at the time of erection. Hydroxtreme5 was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x20 xtreme. These hydro pumps attached with a hand ball to provide safe level of pressure inside the penis pump to maximize gains for users.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 penis pumpHydroxtreme7 is one of the popular penis pumps in the market as lot of users fall into this category. This hydro pump is useful for customers having a penis size of 5” to 7”. This was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x30 xtreme.

There is another version of Hydroxtreme7 for users having a girth more than 6.5”. This hydro pump is called as Hydroxtreme7 wide boy.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme9

Hydroxtreme9 is another hydro pump which is bigger than Hydroxtreme7 and is meant for users having a penis size of 7” to 9”. Hydroxtreme9 was previously known as Bathmate hydromax x40 xtreme.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme11

Hydroxtreme11 is the biggest size of penis pump from Bathmate Hydroxtreme series. It is only meant for users having penis size more than 9” at the time of erection. Hydroxtreme11 was previously known as Bathmate Hydromax x50 Xtreme.

Where to buy Bathmate Hydroxtreme series of pumps

While searching for Bathmate Hydroxtreme series of pumps you will find many websites claiming to provide these hydro pumps at your door step. Looking at the popularity of these pumps many people try to sell counterfeit products online. Hence buyers should always purchase Bathmate products only from Bathmate official website. Bathmate is running two websites i.e. & to sell all the products from Bathmate.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme results

Here are some real results from users those who have brought & used the Hydroxtreme series of pumps.

As Advertised
This thing absolutely does as promised. Tight secure suction, second best to none. Extremely powerful and gains are evident. Definitely recommend, worth the money.

Chris G. from WA, USA

Really like this pump, incredibly powerful, just feel the girth expansion already starting to stay, blood capacity feels like it has already gained in a few weeks. Use it in a 4 days on 1 day off schedule.

Todd Z. from MA, USA

Love the Xtreme
Moved up from Hydromax to Hydroxtreme. The hand ball pump really makes a difference with power. I do think the upgrade will be well worth the extra $.

Douglas W. from CO, USA

British ingenuity at it’s best
I’ve been using it for 1 year and a half and I’m very very satisfied. This is the best pump on the market.

Jonathan O. from Canada

5 Stars
This is by far the best thing ever!

K from NY, USA

I love it – in just 2 weeks I am starting to see results. I even have a bit more confidence in myself. I’ve recommended this product to most my buddies!

Eliseo R.

After the first use I noticed a great difference, erection quality, girth and even my flaccid state improved as well. After about 2 weeks of properly using it with 3 days rest in between, with a bit more time in the chamber along with jelqing massages, a bit after each pumping plus jelq stretching after the sessions done, when I’m dried up I actually grew a few centimeters in length. Since the hydrotherapy and penile massages/stretches must be helping and fixing something down below. A very worthwhile purchase indeed.

Jonathan V. from NY, USA

Hydroxtreme ultra male kit review

We thought the Bathmate Hydroxtreme review is incomplete if we won’t include ultra male kit inside this article. Hydroxtreme ultramale kit is combination of all possible items which help you to achieve maximum result. The ultramale kit comes with a whole lot of thing which help you to get maximum gain.

hydroxtreme ultramale kit reviewThis includes a Hydroxtreme penis pump of your size, trimmer, hydro vibrator, Max out jelquing serum, Bathmate control gel, cleaning kit, shower strap, power rings, brief case & other items. The price of Hydroxtreme ultramale kit varies according to different sizes from $609.99 to $689.99 US dollars. The product comes with free worldwide shipping, sixty days money back guarantee & lifetime warranty.

Bathmate  Hydroxtreme pump vs Bathmate Hydromax pump

Bathmate Hydromax9 - Hydromax x40Hydroxtreme pumps are meant for advanced users whereas Hydromax pumps are for intermediate users. Both the type of pumps designed to provide maximum power & proven result. Still Hydroxtreme series of pumps will provide you maximum comfort at the time of use.

Hydroxtreme pumps are costlier than Hydromax pumps but come with lot of accessories & carry bag along with the pump. Guarantee period for Hydromax pumps & Hydroxtreme pumps are 60 days if you purchase from the official website. To know more about both the series of pumps, visit the Bathmate official website here.

Final Words

Closing the Bathmate Hydroxtreme review, we concluded that Hydroxtreme series of penis pumps are the best penis pumps available in the market. We highly recommend to buy Hydroxtreme series of penis pump for your pumping workouts.

Click Here To Visit Bathmate Hydroxtreme Official Website Here.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Penis Pump

$209 - $399

People Those Use For 2 Months Satishfied With The Penis Pump


Respondent Reported Size Gain After 2 Months of Use


Respondent Reported Better Erection After 2 Months of Use.


Guaranteed Result Or Your Money Back


Value For Money

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