Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Reviews- Does Hydroxtreme 7 Worth It?

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 is one of the top of the range penis pump available in the market. Hydroxtreme7 was also named as BathHydromax Xtreme x30 previously. This pump accommodate the most common sizes of penis from 5″ to 7″ at erection. Hence this hydro pump model is most popular among Hydroxtreme series of penis pump.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 wide boy

Hydroxtreme7 wide boy is another version of hydro pump which is meant for users having more wide penis that is more than 6.5″ circumference. Length wise it accommodate the same 5″ to 7″ penis size. The price of Hydroxtreme7 wide boy is $319 where as Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 is $299 US dollars.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Results

Bathmate conducts survey among users to know the results users get after using Bathmate Hydroxtreme7. Here are some of the results users get while conducting a satisfaction survey on January 2020.

  • 80% of HydroXtreme users report size gains.
  • 86.66% of HydroXtreme users report better erections.
  • After 2 months, 92.9% of HydroXtreme users report better erections.
  • After 2 months, 85.7% of HydroXtreme users report size gains.
  • Most HydroXtreme users report improved sex lives.

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Hydroxtreme7 guarantee

Like any other hydro pumps Bathmate provides Sixty(60) days of guarantee on Hydroxtreme range of penis pumps. You can claim hundred percent money back if you are dissatisfied about the product for any reason.

Where to buy Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 pump

Many people think to buy Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 from Amazon, eBay or any other local web store. But as per Bathmate you should always buy Bathmate range of hydro pumps only from their official website.

When you procure Hydroxtreme7 from their official web store, you will get genuine Bathmate products, warrantee & all sort of product support from the company.

What users says about Bathmate Hydroxtreme7

Amazing product
I have seen amazing growth and results from the use of the HydroXtreme7

David E. from OK, USA

Best pump on the market – period!
I have been using the pump for two weeks now (at least 4 times a week but going for everyday) and I must say this is an even bigger improvement than the original Hercules I bought 5 years ago. The pumping action is stronger but also not as uncomfortable.

The seal and valve system are easy to use and the results speak for themselves. If you aren’t a showerer, you will certainly become one, and your grower will be as equally impressive too. Within just two weeks of use I have noticed a significant increase in flaccid length and girth, and while they aren’t entirely permanent, the more I use the HydroXtreme7, the longer the results stay with you.

I have no doubt that within another few weeks I will start to see permanent changes even if I were to miss a BathMate session for a few days in a row. It is certainly a confidence boost to have the feeling of something “swinging around” downstairs which I had never experienced before until now. I am eagerly awaiting for the 3 month mark and then the 6 month mark, which is when people say the permanent results really do become noticeable 24/7.

I will start to combine this with the SABRE and Angion Methods of manual penile growth after a session and hopefully see even more dramatic results. This is, without question, the best male enhancement device on the market today.

It is worth your money even just for the “wow” factor that the temporary pump gives to your penis. I recommend this to any man who wants a bigger penis and with enough consistent use I have no doubt that the results will be there to stay.

Tyler R. from MI, USA

Pump it up!
I was hesitant to write a review about a d*ck pump but then I realized that I’m a grown ass man. This is literally the best designed and functional pump ever made. I’ve had previous pumps and wished that they would operate the way my HydroMax works. This pump is comfortable and premium.

The results are lasting and exactly what I wanted. This pump is pricey but with the amount of money that I’ve spent in the past on different pumps, I realize that I was throwing money down the drain. This is not a quick answer product this is a pump solution. I also realize how selfish I’ve been to my girlfriend for not purchasing this sooner.

Andre W. from AZ, USA

How to use Bathmate Hydroxtrme7

bathmate hydromax7 useLots of user want to know how to use Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 pump. Always refer to the user manual provided inside the product to know details about the uses. As per the manufacturer you should not use Hydromax7 more than 15 minute per any 24 hours of time.

To benefit the most in erection firmness and also ideal blood circulation, it is best to eliminate the gadget every 2-3 mins and also enable the penis to retract. Massage therapy the penis in the flaccid state for 2 minutes, the re use the device and also repeat the procedure. You need to do this a maximum 3 times in any type of 15 minute session.


shop bathmate hydroxtremeThough Hydroxtreme7 is bit costly than other hydro pumps like Hydro7 & Hydromax7 still it is an good offer if your pocket permit the same.  We always suggest you to double check your penis size before choosing Hydroxtreme7 version. Winding up Hydroxtreme7 penis pump review we highly recommend Hydroxtreme7 as the top most choice to be part of your pumping journey.


Bathmate Hydromax7 Penis Pump


People Those Use For 2 Months Satishfied With The Penis Pump


Respondent Reported Size Gain After 2 Months of Use


Respondent Reported Better Erection After 2 Months of Use.


Guaranteed Result Or Your Money Back


Value For Money

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