Bathmate Hydro Pump Review – Is This The Best Hydro Pump?

Thanks for dropping by while looking for the best hydro pump in the market. In this Bathmate hydro pump review, you will find everything about Bathmate hydro pumps ranging from definition to the types available in the market. Here we shall review extensively regarding Bathmate Hydro series pumps like Bathmate Hydro 7, Bathmate Hydro 9 & other products also.

The urge for men to have huge size penis has spiked to different approaches on how to enlarge the penis. Several involve in talking pills or applying something. Some of the suggested approaches are not effective, with others have bad side effects. By using Bathmate hydro pump regularly one can lead a healthy sexual life.

What is a Bathmate Hydro pump?

Bathmate hydro pump refers to the device developed to help men increase or help in enlargement of their penis size. There is no chemical needed or used during the process. The best thing about this Bathmate hydro pump is that it is easy to use, painless and comfortable to use while enlarging your penis in size and thickness. You are required to have water when using this pump, and the best time to use it is when you are bathing.

Types of Bathmate Hydro pump

There are three series of Bathmate hydro pumps available in the market. The three series of hydro pumps are as follows.

  1. Bathmate Hydro Series

  2. Bathmate Hydromax Series

  3. Bathmate Hydroextreme Series

In this Bathmate hydro pump review, you will get to learn about three of the most popular penis pump from the above category.

Bathmate Hydro 7

bathmate hydro7 penis pumpIf you have been looking for the best way to enlarge your penis naturally, the Bathmate Hydro7 pump will assist you in achieving your dreams. It is among the top popular Bathmate pump, and several people have trusted it as they have used it and gotten positive results.

The Bathmate Hydro7 pump was formerly known as Bathmate Hercules which was first developed in the year 2006. After years of research and studies, there were tries to prove it more effective. It comes with three different colours. This pump is suitable for people having 5″ to 7″ of penis size at erection.

Bathmate Hydro 7 is the only model in Bathmate Hydro series & is a basic hydro pump meant for beginners. If you require more power you should always choose Bathmate Hydromax series or Bathmate Hydroextreme series of pumps. These series of pumps provide 35% more pressure than Bathmate Hydro series of pumps.

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How to use Bathmate Hydro 7

It is easy to use Bathmate hydro 7, as earlier mentioned. You need warm water, which is used to create pressure around the penis.  For you to start using this pump, you have to fill the cylinder with water. It is this water that will build a vacuum around the penis.

After filling the water then you go ahead and insert your penis inside the cylinder. The water pressure will boost the blood flow on your penis muscles. You can also add more pressure by pushing the cylinder using your hands. When you put pressure, you will try to increase your penis size, and with time you will achieve the goal.

Bathmate Hydromax 9

Bathmate Hydromax9 - Hydromax x40The Hydromax 9 is another type of hydro pump belong to Bathmate Hydromax series. The pump is developed for person having 7″ to 9″ penis size in erection. This pump will help you attending maximum erection power & confidence.

Moreover, the pump will assist in having rock harder erections. For long-term results, you need to use this pump regularly. The result here is to have an enlarged penis boost your stamina and sex drive.

The Hydromax9 pump is the best and biggest among the Hydromax series. The pump is made up of the ultimate power of hydraulic pressure. More so, the Hydromax9 pump’s clear chamber is made of a strong, durable hydrocarbon composite material, and it has a measurement gauge for keeping track of your progress.

The newly redesigned elastomer bellows pump system is located on the base. To avoid skin irritations, there is also a removable comfort pad made of medical-grade materials. As a result, it is skin-friendly in every sense of the word.

Bathmate Hydro Xtreme 9

bathmate hydroxtreme 9Bathmate Hydroxtreme 9 is a famous Bathmate pump belong to Hydroxtreme series. This pump stands out because there are various pumps under the label for everyone’s preference. It is the right pump to use if you would like to enlarge your penis and boost your stamina.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme series of pumps have several additional benefits in addition to lengthening the penis. These penis pumps are 30% more powerful than the basic Bathmate Hydro series of pumps. It also provide more result & comfort than Hydro series of pumps.

To achieve the desired result, all you need to do is utilize this device regularly to produce pressure around your penis. Furthermore, the manufacturers say that after only 15 minutes of regular use, you will get better quality of erection & sexual performance as well.

Bathmate Hydro before and after

Bathmate hydro results are positive. According to these Bathmate hydro pumps, they say after using them, their penis increase in size and girth. There is evidence online that people who have to use Bathmate hydro share pictures of the results. If you get to buy the Bathmate hydro pump among the results to expect include;

  • The enhanced circumference of up to 30% is typical.
  • In the first 1–3 months, length increased by up to 0.5”.
  • Better sexual stamina, which is added benefit.

Where to buy Bathmate Hydro pump

If you are wondering where to buy the Bathmate hydro pump, they have their official website (online shop) where you can shop for any of the mentioned Bathmate hydro pumps. Follow this link to head over to their official web store.

Some people prefer to purchase Bathmate penis pump from Amazon. But according to their official website you can get the original pump only from their official website. The Bathmate Hydro pump price varies, but you’ll find one that fits your budget.

Bathmate Hydro pump side effects

There are no major hydro pump side effects because there is no use of any chemical-related products. Besides, you don’t have to undergo any procedure like some ways to enlarge the penis propose.

The pump is simple to use and does not interfere with any bodily functions. A penile pump-induced erection would fade away just like a regular erection would. The vacuum suction is a safe device that works using simple physics to suck blood into the penis.

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All you’ll receive is a slight skin rash that will fade away once you’ve become used to the device. However, variants with comfort cushions are available to avoid this issue. If you employ water-based penis pumps, perhaps the natural lubrication offered by water might improve this and become comfortable for you.

You don’t have to worry about skin allergies since the device is made of medical-grade materials that allow it to be sold in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. You should also utilize this device for a long time because the more you use it, the more beneficial and effective it becomes.

You must safely use the pump, regardless of the type of pump you’re using, or you risk major adverse effects. There’s a reason why the guidelines are in place. Also, never pump for a prolonged period than recommended, and avoid over-pumping.

Final verdict

The Bathmate hydro pump is the solution for men who would like to increase their penis length and girth. The Bathmate has developed a good reputation among doctors, suggesting it over other pumps. The reason for this is that it now includes a plethora of safety features that make it extremely dependable and secure.

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The only thing you need to be wary of is getting a fake pump. Because most individuals are attracted to imitation pumps because of their low pricing, don’t put any inexpensive equipment near your dick unless it is safe and well-made.

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